February 4th, 2019
Start time: 7:00 pm sharp

If all teams register before the registration deadline then specific playing times will be determined for each team.

If enough teams register before deadline, schedules will be made.

(Referees will only wait 10 minutes for games to start. If team has less than 6 players, the match will be forfeited.)


• Contact Daniel at or (630) 823-6694 for more questions
• Registration deadline Friday February 1st, 2019.
• 7 on 7 format (Including goalie)
• $150 per team by deadline (10 players included in registration)
• Team registration after deadline is $200 cash (10 players included in registration)
• May include women in the roster
• Extra players: $20 per extra player
• Free agents: $20 per player
• No uniforms provided

• $100 deposit to secure spot:

Cash – Provide team name and number of players (Bartender at Sports Creek)

Venmo – Provide team name and number of players (daniel-ampuero)

Zelle – Provide team name and number of players (8326899149)

Paypal – Provide team name and number of players (

Please contact Daniel confirming your deposit via cash, zelle or paypal.


• Referees
• Parking
• Soccer balls
• Entry to tournament
• 2 games guaranteed
• Open Play after tournament
• Unlimited bottled waters for teams still in the tournament (Players may withdraw one bottled water at a time)


• $500 Cash Prize (Minimum of 7 teams to receive full prize. Less than 4 teams will result in Open Play with normal cost of $10 per person per session)
• 50% off next tournament registration (Must be same team name)
• 50% off all beers


• 10 min halves with no break
• No slide tackles
• No offsides
• Unlimited substitutions
• All free kicks are indirect
• Ball cannot be shot from or behind mid-field
• Penalties shot from 4 steps outside the box
• Kick-ins
• Goalie cannot grab passes from players in his team
• Goalie cannot slide tackle outside his box
• Refs will only wait 5 minutes until team is ready for game, otherwise match is forfeited.


• 7 goal differential results in automatic win
• Draws will result in 3 penalty shoot-outs followed by sudden death if no clear winner


Yellow Card – Player is out of game for 2 minutes
Red Card – Player is out of current game and next game
Aggressive Physical Contact / unwanted action at refs discretion (spitting, hitting, insulting, etc) – Team disqualification

Venue Details
Sports Creek
404 Ennis St, Houston, Texas 77003, United States